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The Adventures of Sullivan is an arcade styled, 2D run and gun side scroller, set in a science fiction world with pixel graphics. We will be releasing The Adventures of Sullivan on Steam in 2019, with plans to release on three other digital platforms.

The Adventures of Sullivan will have:

  • A heartfelt story

  • Fast-paced, twitch game play that rewards skill and agility

  • Tight mechanics that include jumping, sliding and crouching

  • 7 levels across a wide variety of environments

  • Environmental hazards that add extra challenge

  • 18 unique weapons to use

  • Over 60 different enemies each with their own unique attributes, guns and bullets

  • Epic Boss battles

  • Multiple paths to choose from on each level

  • An original soundtrack, styled around electronic beats

  • Pixel graphics, for retro gaming goodness

  • Full game pad controller support

  • Ongoing updates post release

  • It will only be $5!


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